On-Demand, live interpretation!

Travelling abroad, whether for holiday or on business is fun! What’s not so much fun is playing charades with the waiter who doesn’t speak English.

SpeakEasy is here to help you out! Rather than fiddling around with awkward and inaccurate machine translation, we connect you with a clever human interpreter. Someone who understands you, your conversation partner and the culture of the country you’re visiting.

Avoid language troubles and travel at ease, knowing that help is just a tap away. SpeakEasy gives you on-demand access to your own personal interpreter.

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How does it work?

  • SpeakEasy Explanation 1

    Start or join a conversation with someone you don’t understand.

  • SpeakEasy Explanation 2

    Open SpeakEasy and press that big button in the middle.

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    Within seconds one of our interpreters will be helping you out!


  • Personal
    Connect with a human interpreter – no awkward, inaccurate or impersonal machine translations!
  • Affordable
    First 5 minutes are for free! After that you pay as little as $0.5 USD per minute!

Download SpeakEasy Today!

Avoid language problems, and download SpeakEasy today! First 5 minutes of interpretation are for free. We’re pretty sure after that you don’t want to go back to ordering food playing charades with the waiter.

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About Us

SpeakEasy is being built by 3 entrepreneurs with a passion for travel, tech and design. It is our mission to make your travels more comfortable by taking away language barriers. We succeed when you are transformed from spectator to participant. We’ve bundled our skills, expertise and knowledge to bring you SpeakEasy.

  • Arjan van der Vlies

    Arjan van der Vlies serves as SpeakEasy’s CEO and UI/UX Designer. He started his career in marketing for a Hong Kong based startup where he was given a chance to hone his UI/UX design skills. These skills were further cultivated working at regional level for an international real estate firm, managing and designing digital solutions. Arjan’s approach to design is one of providing convenience through minimalism.

  • Jonas Hartmann

    Jonas Hartmann takes on the role of CTO for SpeakEasy ensuring our platform runs smoothly. He started early on building mobile apps for various events in Germany. After completing his Master’s degree in computer science, he moved to Hong Kong to work for a startup. Jonas has gained a reputation of building excellent solutions from small apps to big platforms that scale and work regardless what operating system the user prefers.

  • Michiel van der Vlies

    Michiel van der Vlies is SpeakEasy’s CGS, responsible for outlining our strategy. Michiel started his career working for large banks in The Netherlands, but soon found himself drawn to startups and new business. Having previously worked for a large British Fintech startup, he currently works for a US energy startup. Michiel is known for his strong negotiating skills, making him a highly sought-after sales professional.

Besides our founders, SpeakEasy works with many freelancers across the globe providing you on-demand interpretation and assistance on your travels. If you would like to work with us on building SpeakEasy, have a look here.


SpeakEasy is growing, and that hasn’t gone unnoticed. Check out below some of our most recent achievements.

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